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Enjoy trying these quizzes. If you have questions after reading the answers you can ask your health care providers for more information. These topics are also covered in more detail in many of the books shown on the website. You can attend a childbirth class where many of these topics will also be discussed at length.

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1). Which exercise opens the inlet to the pelvis?

Jumping Jacks


2.  Which exercise opens the outlet to the pelvis and is more helpful later in labor ?


3). What complications may be prevented by good nutrition during pregnancy?


Morning sickness
4). What position of the uterus is optimal in pregnancy and labor for comfort (to mom) and keeping the baby in a good position for birth ?
lying down flat on your back

positions where the uterus is forward and off your back

side lying position
5.  How long does a typical pregnancy last ?
40 weeks

44 weeks

41 weeks + 1 day
6). Why do you need to relax your kegel muscle during the pushing stage?
Prevent migraine headaches

Prevent posterior baby

Prevents you from holding the baby IN during your pushing
7). Why is abdominal breathing better than chest breathing during labor?
Easier on your body, delivers more oxygen, and aids relaxation.

Prevents stuffy nose

Quieter, less disturbing to others in your birthing room.
8). Why should pregnant woman avoid lying on their back after the fourth month of pregnancy ?
To keep the baby in a good position in the uterus.

Prevent wear on your mattress set

The growing uterus could put excessive weight on major blood vessels.
9). How can tensing your muscles, and then relaxing them help you learn to relax fully and more easily ?
Develops a good appetite

Differentiates between the normal and relaxed state of our muscles

Keeps your mind occupied during labor
10). True or False - Your uterus will be the largest muscle in your body when your pregnancy is at term.