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The Baby Book,
by William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N.
by-William Sears M.D. and Martha Sears
The Baby Book is part of the Dr. Sears parenting library. During my time teaching childbirth classes this book was usually the prize given to the couple that excelled at practicing their relaxation, good nutrition and exercises. There were many times that I mentioned the book in class and then found that the couple receiving the prize already had bought the book and was raving about it! Dr. Sears includes the highlights from some of his other books (The Birth Book, Nighttime Parenting, Attachment Parenting and the Breastfeeding book). Main sections of the book include: Baby care basics, Infant feeding, Parenting (here's where you'll see material from Nighttime Parenting and Attachment parenting), Infant Development by age (including toddler info and potty training), Safety and Medical concerns (baby proofing, immunizations, self-help home care and basic first aid).

This book makes a great companion to the Birth Book or as a stand alone reference to get you through the first two years of your child's like. It answers all the general questions like, "What do I do when (fill in the blank) happen . . ." and "When is the baby supposed to )(crawl, roll, walk, etc.) Dr. Sears easy to read style combines all these basics that you'd expect in a baby book along with so many extras. Easy to use reference charts and checklists on what to look for in your baby's first pair of shoes, baby proofing your home, and expected vaccinations. I especially like the medicine dosing chart. There were many times when I left the doctor's office with instructions on using an over the counter pain reliever only to return home with few details that I could remember. I also really liked the section on home remedies. Once again...I wish I had been given this book when we had our first baby. This would make an excellent gift for a new family.


Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn,
by Simkin, Whalley, and Keppler.
Good all around book taking the reader through pregnancy, birth and the newborn period (first 28 days) with your baby.
The Happiest Baby on The Block,
by Harvey Karp
This book was highly recommended by my childbirth class students. It's great for those who are caring for a cranky baby. Study up on a large variety of baby calming techniques.