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The Birth Book,
by William Sears,M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N.
This book has a well-balanced perspective on labor on birth. Details on relaxing for birth and understanding the physiology of pain are presented along with information on cesareans and medications for labor and birth. I have used this book for many years as the textbook in my natural childbirth classes. The authors have written a number of excellent books and are themselves the parents of eight children.
The Birth Partner,
by Penny Simkin, PT.
Penny Simkin is well known for her books and videos on the subject of childbirth. This book will be helpful to anyone planning to support a woman in labor and birth.

Practical advice to help women in labor for both hospital and home births is clearly presented. Handy quick-reference guides for a number of situations are included.

Thinking Women's Guide to a Better Birth,
by Henci Goer
Excellent reference on the many controversial issues relating to childbirth. The author gives extensive references for those that want to delve deeper into a particular subject. She cuts through the scientific terminology to give the reader concrete information on what the research studies actually say about things like use of episiotomies, medication and c-sections.
Nutrition Almanac, 5th Ed.
by Lavon J. Dunne
by-Lavon J.
This book is a great reference tool with nutritional content listing for many kinds of food (processed and fast food too). If you'd like to increase iron in your diet...or check how much protein you are eating this book can pick up where the nutritional labels on most products leave off. The book also has sections on the connections between various nutrients and body systems and stages of life.
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way,
by Susan McCutcheon.
Excellent how-to book with detailed explanations of the stages of labor. Common interventions are discussed, along with the controversies surrounding them. Relaxation exercises and labor rehearsals exercises are included. Don't be put off by the birthing photos and illustrations in the book. Remember, these are people that allowed someone to take pictures during their labor and birth.
Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn,
by Simkin, Whalley, and Keppler.
Good all around book taking the reader through pregnancy, birth and the newborn period (first 28 days) with your baby.