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Enjoy trying these quizzes. If you have questions after reading the answers you can ask your health care providers for more information. These topics are also covered in more detail in many of the books shown on the website. You can attend a childbirth class where many of these topics will also be discussed at length.

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1.  What naturally occurring chemical in your body can stop your labor ? / What causes it to be released ?


Adrenaline, Cortisol/stress
2.  What naturally occurring chemical/hormone helps decrease your perception of pain and create an almost dreamlike state ?
Carbon Dioxide


Grape Juice
3.  What type of pain are we trying to avoid in labor ?
Any and All

Unmanageable pain

Morning sickness
4.  Why does using water (tub/shower) during labor help you feel less pain ?
Buoyancy allows different positions.

It's relaxing

Increases circulation.
5.  What are some ways you can conserve your energy during labor ?
Distraction techniques


6.  Why does fear increase your pain in labor ?
Causes headaches

Causes Sweating

Causes tension.
7.  Why does relaxation work to help you cope with your labor ?
Quieter, less disturbing to others in your birthing room.

Allows you to tune into your body

Makes you more pleasant company.
8.  What are the different types of relaxation ?
Musical, mechanical, and chocolatical

Visual, vocal, and vapid

Physical, mental, and emotional.
9.   Why does coach need to remind Mom to change positions frequently and go to the bathroom once per hour ?
She's not thinking about it herself.

She needs to concentrate on relaxation.

Keeps her mind occupied during labor.
10.  Why does coach need to remind Mom to eat and drink during labor ?
She's hungry/thirsty

She will be unpleasant otherwise

Good chance to try new recipes