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Enjoy trying these quizzes. If you have questions after reading the answers you can ask your health care providers for more information. These topics are also covered in more detail in many of the books shown on the website. You can attend a childbirth class where many of these topics will also be discussed at length.

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1). Name the four things measured in a vaginal exam.

baby's length/weight
hat size/shoe size

2.  What causes backache in labor ?
Improper lifting

Baby's position

3.  What are some comfort measures to relieve this pain ?

Counter pressure

Changing positions
4.  Why is it important to conserve your energy during labor ?
Extra energy to wash dishes

Helps baby stay rested

Reserves to get through difficult parts of labor
5.  Why do you need to eat and drink in early labor ?
Maintain energy

Prevent boredom

Settle your stomach
6.  List 4 "ways" that your labor could start.
On again off again backache

Menstrual like cramps

Bag of Waters breaking
7.  What is the method recommended in The Birth Book (Dr. Sears) about when to leave for your birthplace (regarding contractions) ?
4 minute apart contractions, at least 1 minute in length, for 1 hour or more
(4-1-1 rule)

Contractions at least 30 seconds long

Contractions at least 5 minutes apart
8.  How can upright positions help your labor progress ?
To keep the baby in a good position in the uterus.

Easier breathing

Gravity and a body in motion help to keep labor moving.
9.  When you are stuck at certain level of dilation for a number of hours, what can you do get things moving again ?
Change your labor routine

Eat some cake

Take a shower
10.  How can you tell the difference between pre-labor and real- labor ?
Contractions disturb hairdo

Partners humor not funny anymore

Activity change doesn't stop contraction