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Pregnancy Then or Now ?

Can you guess which statements represent the standards of obstetrical care NOW compared to. in the 1960s-1970s? (And NO I didn't make these things up! I got them from a book called Expectant Motherhood that my Mother received from her doctor way back then!)

Standard of Care What do you think?
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Standard of Care
Keep your pregnancy weight gain to about 20 pounds.
22% of Mother's in North Carolina have cesarean births.
No sex for the last month of pregnancy.
Breaking the bag of waters will speed up your labor.
Everyone needs External Fetal Monitoring during labor.
Do not take tub baths during the last six weeks of pregnancy.
Very few babies are actually overdue, just unwarranted reliance on the calculated due date.
At 42 weeks, its time to induce labor.
Labor is induced in 18 % of the time.
Almost, without exception, labor begins within 24 hours of a "bloody show"
Nervous, worried and high-strung women usually make less milk than the happy-go-lucky type
75 % of Mother's in North Carolina attempt to breastfeed their babies after birth.