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Enjoy trying these quizzes. If you have questions after reading the answers you can ask your health care providers for more information. These topics are also covered in more detail in many of the books shown on the website. You can attend a childbirth class where many of these topics will also be discussed at length.

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1.  List four things that Mom may experience during transition.

Doubt feelings
Longer-closer contractions
Hot/Cold flashes
2.  What is the most important thing that Coach can do during transition ?

"You're doing great"

"You're almost finished"
3.  Can you be at 7 cms dilation and feel a strong urge to push ?

4.  Can you be at 10 cms dilation and feel no urge to push at all ?

5.  What emotional signposts will Mom experience during second stage ?


6.  What can you do to slow down or stop pushing, if directed to by your birth team, when the baby's head is crowning ?
Read a novel

Breathing techniques

Knee/Chest position.
7.  What is one reason to wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating to cut it ?
To deliver correct balance of blood to the baby

Easier to cut
8.  What is one reason you may want to cut the cord soon after the birth ?
To move to better light for baby photos.

Baby distressed/medical emergency

If you have had medication.
9.   What can be done to encourage the placenta to detach if it does not do so soon after the birth of the baby ?
Medication to help uterus contract and expel it.

Have a large meal.

Nursing the baby.
10.  Why would your medical care providers want to give you a shot of pitocin following the birth ?
Reduce mom's blood loss.

Use up left over medication.

Practice administering injections.